Here's page three of the glass collection.

I hope you like them.
This is stoppered oil. There are floral and thistle designs on the sides, and a rayed star on teh base.
Here's a second picture of the oil.
Here's a perfume with atomizer. There are two rows of three hobstars each on each side. The corners are wide, and left with a frosted surface. The bottom has a rayed star.
A second picture of the perfume.
This is a 5" pin tray in strawberry diamond with fans at the corners.
This is a 16 ounce, 500cc pharmacy measuring cylander. It is footed, with etched logo of GLASCO inside a diamond, “TO DELIVER 20OC” above the diamond, and “MADE IN U S A” below teh diamond. (Glows green under blacklight)
Here's a second picture of the pharmacy bottle.
Here is an 11 1/2" diameter x 7/8" high two handled tray in the Bulls Eye Pattern with punties and prisms by Andrew Snow, Jr. There are 14 depressions that are all 1 3/4" diameter. This pattern appears on page 60 of the Encyl. Of American Cut and Engraved Glass by Albert Christian Revi. (Pairpoint 1898).
This is a very heavy 16" footed platter. It is signed Libbey in a circle, and glows green under blacklight.

Here's page one of my collection of glass.

Here's page two of my collection of glass.

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