Here's page two of the glass collection.

I hope you like them.
This is a candlestick with wheel cut floral designs on top of it.
A caraffe with hobstars and thistle designs on the sides. It has stepped cutting on the neck. The top rim has additional cut designs on it.
A second picture of the caraffe.
This is a glass in Caract Sharpe's Monticello pattern from about 1935.
A second picture of the above glass.
This 9" diameter bowl has eight interlocking circles. Each circle is cut in a double miter outline. The bottom has a hobstar, and the sides have intricate geometric designs.
A second picture of the bowl.
Here's a third picture of the bowl.
Here's a jug and 4 tumblers. Three of the tumblers are signed "Clark".
Here's another picture of the jug and tumblers.
This covered plate glows lime green under blacklight. It is thinner glass than the other pieces. It's cut in an English diamond pattern. the clear sections are faceted. The top of the handle has a rayed star cut into it. the Handle is not symmetrical, and has uneven cut facets. The underplate has a toothed rim.
A second picture of the covered plate.
This 7" plate has "HAWKES" etched onto the bottom rim.
This is a small comport signed with Libbey in a circle.
Here's an 8" berry bowl cut in Marathon pattern by Dorflinger.
Here's a second picture of the berry bowl.

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Here's page three of my collection of glass.

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