Here's page two of Jan's Anime and Comic Book art.

I'll start out with a picture of Princess Asrial from Antarctic Press' Ninja High School comic.  This image was modified from an original in one of the annuals.  I used it as a template for a picture of a character I played in a science-fiction game.

Role-Playing Games

These next pictures are of characters in a few role-playing games.  The first is Shayna, an elven fighter in a fantasy hero game. Melody Silvermoon is another fantasy rpg character.  This is Vega, a cold-using magician in the same game.  Aspen is a character in a play e-mail game.  Astrial is a character in fantasy campaign.  Erin is an archer character from a short-lived Shadowrun campaign.  This next batch of pictures are of my character Amber Moonglade.  Lord Entropy, Tech, Tapestry, Chromatique, Statuesque, Nausicaa (No relation to the comic book character .), and this agent are from Champions super-hero campaigns. Chromatique was drawn by Ken Garrett.

  Here's a few new costumes for Hero Games' character, Solitaire.

Here's pictures of some characters in an e-mail campaign Chris is currently playing a character in: Cybrid, Monolith, Snowbird, Myriad, a second picture of Myriad, and Impact.

Here are a few pictures of Aimee, my robot-girl Star Wars rpg character.


Comic Book Characters

This is a picture of Viz Comic's Battle Angel Alita.  Here's Marvel Comic's Magneto, Rogue, and Blink. Here's Image comic's character Red Monika.

Some Other Artwork

Here's some Warner Brothers characters as a barbarian, druid, wizard ,scout and paladin. The costumes are based on those used in Amtgard LARP.

Guest Art

Here's a really good picture of a surfer done by NspektaR from the Gold Digger web ring. Now he's back with a new (and improved) picture.

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