Part 1

by J

The world as we know it is divided among three main races: elves, orcs, and humans. The elves live in the forests of the tropical south, on either side of the Inner Sea, as they do not have the constitution to abide in the colder northern regions. The orcs, lacking any decent civilization as they do, live in the wastelands beyond the barrier mountain range to the north and in the inhospitable plains to the south. Other races, such as dwarves (who live in the inaccessible mountains), ogres, and trolls, amount to little in the political make-up of our own Empire’s concerns…


“Morgan.” He kept on reading.

“Morgan!” He looked up from the page to see his companions. A tall, platinum-haired sorceress named Vega was sitting on a log to the left of the cooking fire having her breakfast. She had on a light blue tunic that tapered to thin pieces that hung down to her knees in front and back. She also had on a belt, bracers, and thigh-high blue boots. Her clothes had white fur trim on the upper portions. Standing directly in front of him was Shayna, the elven warrior. She was standing with her hands clasped behind her back. She’s four and a half feet high, had long blond hair, pointed ears, very large green eyes, and a trim figure. That is where the similarities between her and the other elves Morgan had seen ends. On the average, elves are cute, but very thin. Shayna was much better endowed and muscular than that. She’s wearing blue trimmed green short-sleeved half-shirt and matching short pants, both of which were made of a tight-fitting stretchy fabric.

“How could you spend all morning reading those musty books you got from Marcellus in the Empire? Have some breakfast.” Shayna said with a lilt in her voice.

“You should be more careful you don’t put my eye out with those.” Morgan answered in one of his rare light moments, a smile briefly starting on his face.

“Sorry,” Shayna paused briefly, looking down to see her protruding nipples. “I guess I should be more careful…Hey!” She looked him in the eye. “You almost got me that time.” She paused for a moment. “I’m getting a lot better at controlling my abilities.” Shayna smirked and turned to walk away, but turned back and grabbed him by the arm. She quickly pulled him to his feet without any noticeable effort.

Morgan thought to himself “Why did the gods give such power to her?” as Shayna jogged over to the campfire, her muscles rippling as she moved.

“About time you got something to eat. We’ve got to get moving soon.” Interjected Vega, spooning out a portion of stew. “Want any?” she said to Shayna, smiling slightly.

“No thanks, I don’t feel like getting sick today.” Replied Shayna, smiling back. She continued with her own breakfast, cracking a walnut with her fingers. “Want some?”


Meanwhile, at another location, an orcish scout reported “Mugyuck, there’s a small band camping a short ways to the north. Two humans and an elf.”

“Good. They should make good sport.” Replied Mugyuck, the orc leader, smiling. “Let’s get them now!” he then shouted, bits of his breakfast flying from his mouth.

The orc band quickly gathered up their equipment and headed out. They traveled until an hour after daybreak, when they sighted their quarry. They saw Shayna, Vega and Morgan. He was tall, pale, and wore a seventeenth century styled outfit of pants, vest, and cloak of black with gold filigree trim. All three seemed busy doing something.

Sounds of shouting came from the woods as a band of orcs charged across the clearing. Shayna pulled back on her bow, the wood creaking in protest. The released arrow passed through an orc’s chest and struck a tree beyond. Morgan pulled some tent canvas off his scythe and glanced at a shadowy figure beside him that no one else saw, a word of thanks on his lips. Vega stood behind them and waited.

The orcs ran up and swung at Morgan with clubs and spears. A glancing blow was deflected by the armor under his clothing. His counter-swing drove the point of the scythe deep through an orc’s thigh.

As this was happening, Vega began invoking a magic spell. The air around her outstretched hands began to glow blue as it was magically cooled.

A group of orcs rapidly advanced to surround Shayna as she tossed her bow behind her. It hit the ground with a solid thud.

“Kill them all! We’ll have a great meal from their entrails!” yelled the orcs in their own language.

“Eep! There’s a whole lot of them.” Shouted Shayna. She was relieved to see that none of them carried pole arms or great swords, weapons that could greatly injure her.

A few weapon swings swooshed past Shayna, when a war club caught her full force in the stomach. She was knocked back several feet by the impact as the weapon snapped.

“Got her” (in orcish language).


Vega stopped her conjuring. Saving her friend’s life was more important to her than fighting orcs. “Shayna! Are you all right?” She said.

Shayna rolled to her feet, as the orcs looked on, surprised. “ Ow! That stings.”

Morgan took advantage of gaining the initiative to finish off the wounded orc, hitting it in the center of the chest.


“Your club's wood was just rotten!” bellowed Mugyuck.

Shayna smirked and thought, “That’s what he thinks.” She ran up to one of the orcs, leaping into a sidekick. “Yaah!” The muscles in her leg rippled and expanded into striated definition, twice the size of her other leg, as her foot impacted into the orcs chest. Her foot traveled through the orcs body, the shock of the impact shooting its innards out behind it. The orc landed in a heap with Shayna standing over it. She looked down at the gore now covering her lower leg. “Eww! Why does it always have to be gross orcs?” Shayna said as she shook her foot.

“Forget them and kill the magician!” shouted Mugyuck (in orcish) as he gestured towards Vega with his spear. Several orcs then shifted towards her.

“Hold them off so I can use my spells,” said Vega as she took a few steps back.

Morgan produced a ceramic vial from beneath his cloak and threw it at one of the advancing orcs. A small cloud of dust was released when the vial broke, bringing the orc down in a fit of choking.

“That should hold him for a while” said Morgan.

The largest and meanest looking orc rushed Morgan.

“Oh boy…” said Morgan.

“@#$%%#@%%$##” Said Mugyuck.

At the same time Shayna ran up, grabbing one of the orcs that were threatening Vega, and threw it. The orc impacted into another one with a crunching of bones.

Vega then finished chanting and shouted “Duck!” Both Morgan and Shayna dropped down as Vega took a deep breath and blew out forcefully. An icy blast of wind came from her and struck several attackers, leaving them severely frostbitten. Morgan and Mugyuck faced off, each wounding the other with their weapons as Shayna and Vega fought the rest of the band.

A smile began to break across Morgan’s face as Mugyuck suddenly performed a split in mid-air. Mugyuck bellowed as he suddenly felt his legs wrenched from their sockets and pulled to the sides as Shayna did just that to him. Morgan acted quickly, though, to end Mugyuck’s misery; hitting him with his scythe.

The battle now over, Morgan took a draught of one of his healing potions.

“I’m glad we’ll be in town in a few days” said Shayna.

“I agree,” said Vega. “Shayna, you’ve got to be more careful. You’ve been made resistant, not invulnerable to injury. That’s the best I could tell you about your magical transformation.”

The group quickly gathered their possessions together and headed off for their day’s journey.

They traveled for several days through the hot, dense forest.

“Damn! I hate these mosquitoes.” Said Vega as she swatted one. “Why don’t they bite you?”

“I guess its because they can’t get through my skin. Its too tough for them. Sort of like how I don’t get scratches from thorns anymore.” Replied Shayna, with a shrug of her shoulders.

“And you?” Vega asked Morgan.

“It helps to know some alchemy.” Said Morgan, with a grin.

They continued traveling down the bank of the river. They followed their daily routines. Morgan studied his books in the mornings as Vega fished (She sometimes cheated and encased one in ice with a spell.) and Shayna did her daily exercises.


Shayna woke up a little before dawn and had a small snack before beginning a workout. She got dressed and spent a few minutes stretching her muscles. Shayna bent over without bending her knees and put her palms on the ground, lowering herself into splits, and leant over backwards to put her hands on the ground and slowly raised herself into a handstand. After a few minutes doing similar stretches, she was ready to get started. She took a few running steps and leaped up about twenty feet to land lightly on a sizable tree branch. She gripped it with one hand, sinking her fingers into the wood with a loud “grunch!” Shayna slowly raised herself into a handstand and did a long set of one-handed vertical push- ups. She repeated this with her other hand. She then did an acrobatic tumbling run down the length of the branch, finishing with a leap high into the air. Shayna did a number of twists and flips before landing solidly on the ground, her muscular legs flexing and expanding momentarily to reveal rope-like striations as they absorbed the impact.

“That felt good. Now I’m ready to really get started.” Shayna said to herself as she brushed her hair out of her eyes.

“You should watch where you land or you could kill someone.” Said Morgan from about ten feet away. He had watched as she did her run and leap about forty feet into the air above him. He saw her land with a loud thud, leaving indentations on the ground where her feet hit. All of her muscles rippled up and down her body as her large breasts bounced and quivered from the impact.

“Sorry! I didn’t think about that. I’m glad we’re not in town or I could have squished someone.” Shayna said, smiling a little. “I’ll be more careful. I’m still learning how to use my abilities.”

Morgan sighed.

Shayna walked over to where Vega was sitting, leaning against a large boulder by the river, relaxing as she fished. She said “Is it okay if I use this for a little while?” bouncing up and down as she talks.

Vega answered “What could I do to stop you?”

Shayna paused and said, “I wouldn’t do anything to hurt you. You know that.”

“Come on now. I was just kidding” Vega answered. She thought, “How could elves be so flighty!” She got up and moved away to watch before returning to her fishing.

Shayna spread her arms wide apart and grasped the chunk of granite. Bits of rock and dust flaked away as she tightened her grip, the rock crunching as she dug her fingers into it. Shayna’s muscles expanded in waves heading from her hands to her shoulders, then down her body to her legs. The fabric of her shirt and shorts strained as it hugged every ripple and striation of Shayna’s rapidly expanding muscles. It was readily apparent why her clothing had v-shaped cuts and such short sleeves and legs. Shayna’s muscles had more than doubled in size by the time they finished their expansions, giving every part of her body a sculpted appearance. Muscles like hardened steel beneath skin of soft silk. She took a few deep breaths and lifted the boulder above her head. Her feet sank a few inches into the ground as the gravel beneath them broke and shifted under the crushing weight. “Ungh!” She shifted the weight so that it was balanced in one hand and then slowly pressed it up and down in various positions to work different muscle groups. This was repeated with the other hand. Shayna then did exercises to work her calves and thighs. She then carefully tossed the boulder, with great effort, to land by another one. She lifted the rock again and slowly positioned herself to have her hands under one stone and her feet under another. She then slowly lifted up the boulder that she had balanced on her legs. Her leg muscles exploded into huge size as her abdominal muscles tightened and expanded slightly. She raised and lowered the rock for a while before doing the same thing lying on her stomach to work the backs of her legs. Shayna then moved to have her legs planted beneath the larger boulder so she could lay on her back and lift the smaller one, giving her resistance to do sit-ups. “Ok, now comes the fun part.” She said, mostly to herself. Shayna lifted the boulder as she did before and then balanced it in one hand above her head. “Vega, back up a bit. I don’t want you to get hurt when I make a hand-hold on this rock.” Shayna said. She waited as Vega moved back and said, mostly to herself “ I’ve got to do this just right. I don’t want the front of the rock to shatter this time.” She tightened her right hand into a fist and punched the other boulder with blinding speed, driving her hand into it up to her wrist. Shards of rock exploded out like bullets as she does this. Some fragments bounced harmlessly off her body as others lodged deeply in nearby trees. Her clothing tore in a few places from the impacts. “Good. It worked.” She said. Shayna gripped one huge rock from the inside to balance herself as she slowly did biceps curls with the other one. She switched hands and worked the other arm to exhaustion. She looked around to see that no one is in the way before letting the boulder crash loudly to the ground. Its weight drove it down a couple of feet as it settled. Shayna thought to herself “Working my muscles always feels so good. Too bad it leaves me so horny afterwards when there’s no other elves around.”

Shayna bounded over to the river and stripped to go for a quick dip to clean herself off. She looked at her reflection in the water and flexed her muscles to pose. She want for a swim, leaving a v-shaped wake behind her as she went very rapidly through the water. Afterwards, she put on fresh clothes, a short skirt and an open vest. She washed her dirty clothes and laid them out to dry. “Morgan, could you please use your magic to fix the rips in my stuff?” she said and pointed to her drying clothes, the pumped-up muscles in her arm rippled as she points.

Morgan used a spell to mend Shayna’s torn clothes as she eagerly watched.

“Thank you!” Shayna said as she gave Morgan a quick kiss.

Vega and Morgan had fried fish for breakfast while Shayna had some greens and nuts that would be poisonous for her friends.

“I guess its my turn to offer to share my breakfast today?” Shayna said with a grin.


That evening they made it to the city of Samarind. They traveled through the elven side of the city, with its small domed houses and narrow paths. They crossed the great bridge, shaped from two huge trees that grew on either side of the river. The trees had staircases cut into their bark to form walkways circling around each of them. The span of the bridge was formed from great branches that formed an arch high in the air. The bridge led to the human side of Samarind, where Shayna and her friends went to their usual place, the Azure Dragon Inn. The human side of the city was easily recognized by its many street lanterns (which the elves thought are a waste of time to have, as they could see just fine in the dark), grid-like streets, and rectangular buildings. They got some rooms and met in the common room where a bard was singing the ballad of Amber Moonglade.

“I hope we’ll be in town for a while so I can get some magical researching done.” Said Vega.

“I’ve got to see the governor-general to find out news of up North.” Said Morgan.

“I hope there’s nothing going on there. Its always freezing when we visit.” Added Shayna.

“That’s only because you elves don’t have any meat on their bones to protect from the cold.” Replied Vega.

“I’ve got more than you two.” Shayna said and flexed her biceps. “I guess its mainly because I’m not used to it. I just don’t want to stay there long enough to do so.”

Aside from the usual conversation, the evening went by without incident. In the morning, each of the companions went his or her own way.


Shayna had her usual morning workout. This time with an interested audience which encouraged her to work extra hard to push herself to her limits. Afterwards she met a few friends of hers at the bathing spot at a turn of the river. Shayna stripped down and ran in to join them, causing quite a bit of splashing.

Shayna’s friend Heather stretched her hand around Shayna’s resting biceps and squeezed as hard as she could, saying, “Where did you get muscles like these? They’re neat!”

“What.” Shayna answered and turned around to face Heather. She hardly felt her friend’s grasp and flung her several feet away with a large splash as she did so. Her other friends giggled as they saw this happening.

Heather broke the surface saying “Wow! Those must be fun to have.”

“They are. I cannot describe what it feels like to really use them to their full ability. It just feels so good!” Shayna exclaims. She paused and then said, “I’ve got to show you what they can do. Aspen, you always wanted to have a belt that would be like that really big silver bracelet you have. Right? I have found enough silver coins to get you one, but I think this would be better. Could I have it?”

Aspen took the large bangle off her upper arm and handed it to Shayna. Shayna put it over her hand and pushed it onto her upper arm. She had to relax her arm and push it hard to fit.

“That’s really tight.” Shayna said. “I'm surprised it doesn’t cut off your circulation.”

Shayna bent her arm at the elbow and the two-inch wide bracelet momentarily caused her upper arm to be compressed inwards. She said “Watch this!” as she slowly flexed her biceps. The metal of the bracelet made creaking noises as her expanding muscles stretched it. Shayna’s biceps flexed and expanded to be larger than her waist. Her friends, along with the others who happened to be bathing at the time watched as she did this. She relaxed her arm and allowed it to return to its normal size, catching the bracelet (hoop) in her hand.

Aspen took it and said, “I guess I just need a buckle now.” She examined the belt, struggling to stretch it further, but had no effect. “Its all rough on the inside from the lines on your muscle. What do you call those?”

“Morgan calls them ‘striations’. He says all muscles have them, but they’re usually padded over.” Shayna answered. “I was given my strength by the goddess Ki to fight evil monsters and stuff like orcs.” She paused and said “They aren’t so scary anymore to me now that they can’t really hurt me.”

Heather said, “I’m just wondering. Now that your muscles are so strong and hard, won’t that make it hard for you to make love? Won’t you crush your partner or his <giggle>?” She pointed to the lower portion of one of the male elves bathing a short distance away as she said this.

“Ki said that my partners will be protected from that as long as I really want them to.” Shayna answered, blushing brightly. “Besides, I still do have the nicest T&A in Samarind, don’t I?” Shayna put her hands on her hips and posed provocatively. She turned around, posing, and burst out laughing. Her friends also started to laugh.

Shayna stayed and talked with her friends for a while. She then went to meet her family for lunch and spent some time with them. Shayna spent the afternoon mainly detailing how she got her new abilities and showing them off to relatives. That night she stayed with her family and had an early breakfast with them. After her morning exercises, she went to the archery range, a very popular spot for the elves. She found Heather there practicing.

“Heather, could I use your bow today? If I used my one I’d put holes in the target.” Shayna asked.

“Sure. I could use a rest.” Heather replied.

Shayna handed her bow over to Heather, who strained to hold up its weight.

“How do you pull this? I can hardly lift it with both hands.” Heather said.

“Come on. It’s not ‘that’ heavy.” Shayna said. She saw her friend’s muscles straining under the bow’s weight. “Ok then. Just put it down” She paused and said “Lets see if I can match your number of bulls’ eyes.”

Morgan walked into the archery range. As he was about two feet taller than most elves (six and a half feet tall), Morgan had no problem looking around for a well-proportioned, toned female elf accompanied by a rather thin (average) elf.

“I thought I’d find you here.” Said Morgan as he walked up, after watching Shayna take several shots. “Nice shot.”

“Eep! Who’s that!?” exclaimed Heather.

“Its ok. That’s just Morgan. He’s always spooky.” Replied Shayna.

“Boo!” said Morgan.

“Morgan, you should see Heather shoot. Archery always came easier for her than for me.” Said Shayna as she hands Heather back her bow. She then took her one back from a greatly relieved Heather.

While watching Heather display her marksmanship, Morgan said to Shayna “There’s a lot of trouble going on back up North. Stornway is being attacked by orcs and trolls.”

“I guess we need to go there then.” Shayna said resignedly. “The orcs won’t know who we are so they won’t know what to do about us, like they’ve been doing with the people up there.” She paused. “It’ll be nice to Magnusson again.” “It would be really nice if I learned to shoot a bow that well.” Shayna said quietly after watching Heather shoot several of bulls’ eyes in a row. She sighed.

“What’s the difference if you can shoot through armor instead of having to hit the weak points?” Morgan asked.

“It’s just that all the humans expect any elf to be that good.” Shayna answered.

“I was thinking about leaving soon. I’ve talked to a captain and arranged for a ship to take us as far as it could. Its set to sail in just a few days. Do you have anything that we should we should delay our departure for?” Morgan asked.

“I can’t think of anything.” Shayna answered. The rest of the day went by.


The next morning, while still pumped-up from her workout, Shayna went to the tailor. She thought, “At dinner last night Vega had a good idea. I have to get some human-style clothes to wear up north so no one will know I’m an elf. That way no one will tell the orcs anything’s up.” Shayna entered the tailor’s shop. It was a round building with two downstairs rooms. The front room had several sets of clothing on display while the back room was his work area. The structure had a small apartment on a second floor.

Calono the tailor saw Shayna enter. She had on her green shorts and half shirt, stretched over her frame. “Shayna. Its so good to see that you still have the outfit I made for you last year.”

Shayna turned toward him and walked over. She said “Calono. Could you make a human-style outfit or two for me? I want something besides elven tights to wear when I travel in their lands.”

Calono watched as Shayna walked over, her muscles rippling as she moved. “Huh.” He answered.

Shayna put a finger under his chin and lifted his head up. He found himself looking into her emerald green eyes.

“You can do it? Can’t you? I’ll trade you some of those silver human coins if you want.” Shayna said.

“You’ve really changed this last year. I like it.” Calono said.

“Thank you!” <giggle> Shayna replied.

Calono thought for a bit and says, “I’ll have to take new measurements. You’ve grown a lot this last year.” He smiled and continued “I just have to get a measuring tape and my quill, ink, and paper.” He went into the back room while Shayna looked at the clothes on display.

Calono returned with his equipment and set to measuring Shayna for a set of clothes. He first measured Shayna’s height, the length of her arms, the distance across her shoulders, etc. He then measured around her thigh, hips and waist. As he did this, Shayna’s thoughts wandered. She looked him over and smirked. His light touches combined with how she usually felt after a workout acted to further arouse her. As Calono finished measuring around her upper arm and whistled softly to himself in admiration, Shayna decided to act

As Calono pulled the tape taut to take Shayna’s chest measurement, he thought to himself about how he would give anything to spend some time with her. He thought “I’ve never seen a nicer pair than Shayna has. Her nipples alone poke out further than most of my customers’ breasts.”

Calono’s thoughts were broken by Shayna saying, “You can admire them all you want after you’re done measuring them.” He saw that he had spent several minutes staring intently at Shayna’s chest and felt a little embarrassed.

He started to say “I’m uh, really, umh, I mean, I’m…”

Shayna looked down at Calono’s tights and saw that he was starting to get aroused as well. She said “Its okay. You don’t look so bad yourself.” She smiled and grabbed his upper arms and pulled him against her. He felt her very large, rock-hard nipples expand and dig painfully into his chest while her vice-like grip bruised his arms as she proceeded to kiss him. She directed his hands onto her bottom as her passionate kiss nearly sucked the air out of his lungs. All thoughts of discomfort begin to leave his mind as Calono was affected by her strong female elven pheromone-like biochemistry. An aphrodisiac effect that human alchemists had worked fruitlessly for many generations to copy. When Shayna noticed him wincing in pain from her grip, she eased her hold on his arms. Her hands slid down to his bottom and gently but forcefully pulled him tightly against her pelvis.

Calono slid his hands into the back of Shayna’s pants along skin as smooth as his finest silk. He massaged her bottom, amazed at how perfectly rounded it is. His hands followed every contour of her unyielding gluteal muscles. When Shayna began to grind against his pelvis, Calono went fully erect and felt as if he will orgasm if she doesn’t stop.

When Shayna felt Calono’s erection begin to throb against her, she stepped back and let him catch his breath. (He was starting to go blue from lack of air.) She saw that he was much better endowed than the average elf. She said, “Your sleeping room is upstairs, right?”

Calono answered “Yes…”

“I’ll meet you up there!” Shayna said as she ran up the stairs much faster than Calono could hope to follow.

Calono entered his upstairs room to see Shayna unrolling his sleeping pad. When she saw him enter, she walked over to him and kissed him. “I hope you’re up to this.” She said and giggled “Tee-hee.” She grabbed his tights by the sides and effortlessly ripped them in two. Calono said, “You’re much stronger than you look.” Shayna slowly licked her tongue down the length of his erection. She then took it into her mouth and then deep down her throat.

Calono said “Are you sure you want to do that? I’m not some human you found on your journeys. With how much an elf like ‘me’ puts out and how hard I do it, you’re just going to end up choking.” When Shayna didn’t stop going back and forth on his member, Calono decided to pull out before he hurts her. When he tried to, Shayna increased her suction strong enough that his erection was pulled all the ways back into her mouth. Calono’s thoughts raced and he didn’t care if she choked until she vomited and her throat was sore for a week as his body shuddered with the strength of his orgasm.

Calono was amazed as Shayna simply pulled her lips back off his still erect member, seemingly unaffected by what just happened. “I thought no one could give an elf what the humans call a ‘blow job’.”

“I’m not your usual elf.” Shayna said and licked her lips clean. “I’m just getting started. We’re going to see just how strong your body is. I hope that Ki gives you the stamina that I need.”

Calono finished getting undressed while Shayna took off her shoes and unlaced the front of her shorts. He watched as she peeled off her shirt and shorts. The sight now before him amazed him. He had never seen such a perfect body. While her tights did little to hide her body, nothing he had seen in the past had prepared him for this. The light coming in from the windows made her long blonde hair glow, her large green eyes sparkle, and her skin shine like a mirror. Her breasts seemed to defy gravity and her muscles rippled fluidly across her form as she made even the slightest movement.

Shayna sat down cross-legged and asked, “Before we continue, could you please give me a massage? I’m still feeling a little stiff from my exercises.”

Calono knelt down behind Shayna and began to knead her muscles. He started at her shoulders and worked his way down her arms. As he did so, he squeezed with all his might, making his fingers sore with the effort. He thought, “Her muscles are like iron. I can’t make a dent.” When Shayna made any movement, the ripples that traveled through her muscles simply bounced Calono’s straining fingers.

While Calono was working on her arms, Shayna slowly shifted to be lying on her stomach. She felt his kneading like a tickling against her. She said, “You don’t have to be so gentle with me. It won’t hurt me if you squeeze harder.”

Calono continued, grunting with effort. He spent a great deal of time massaging her bottom before getting her legs.

Shayna then rolled over onto her back and Calono started working his way up her legs. When he tried to work his way into her groin, she closed her legs together and said “Not until you’re done with what you’re doing now.” She sat up and gave him a passionate kiss.

As Calono massaged her stomach, Shayna giggled and laughed. This caused her abdominal muscles to tighten and relax in waves, their rapid expansions threatening to catch Calono’s fingers and crush them. When he worked his way up to Shayna’s chest, Calono spent a long time massaging her breasts and nipples. “I’ve never felt breasts so firm!” he caught himself saying in an unguarded moment.

Shayna said “Thank you! I’m glad you like them.” She sat up quickly, knocking Calono back a few feet with a loud “Oomph!” as he hit the ground at the other end of his sleeping pad. She was straddling over him in an instant. “Sorry. Are you all right? I forgot how easy it is to throw a light weight like yours around. I promise I’ll be more careful.” She paused and said “cross my heart” while tracing her index finger in an ‘X’ across her chest, flicking over her nipples.

“I’m okay. I’m not going to let a little spill spoil our fun.” Calono replied.

“How about if I let you take over for a while?” Shayna said as she got off him and laid down on the sleeping pad. Shayna let Calono spread her thighs apart as he prepared to enter her. He tried to do so, but found that his body lacked the strength to push its way in. He almost panicked. Shayna saw what was happening and concentrated on relaxing her body. She put her legs around his hips and pulled him in as he now entered successfully. Calono felt as though his body was being manipulated like a rag doll by Shayna’s strength during lovemaking. He knew this to be true, but didn’t care. This amount of mind-numbing pleasure was worth any price. Shayna grasped Calono’s shoulders in what she felt was a gentle grip (It wasn’t.) while he grasped his hands around her upper arms. Sweat rolled down Calono’s face as he used all of his strength to pump her while she helps him with her legs wrapped very tightly around his hips. As he was about to enter one of his many orgasms (elves can have quite a few), he was surprised by what she did. He felt Shayna’s biceps expand under his grip, spreading his fingers out wide and raising him several inches into the air. All of her muscles expanded and he whispered a quiet prayer of thanks as she spread her legs into a split.

Calono thought “Those leg muscles could snap me in two without her even realizing she’s done it.” He felt like his orgasming member was about to be crushed as Shayna went into a prolonged orgasm of her own. She moaned and shrieked loudly during it. An errant kick downward by her had put a hole in the floor.

When Shayna finished, Calono was done too. His body was bruised, sore, and exhausted. He felt dehydrated from his many orgasms. As he pulled out of her (with great effort), he saw why he felt that way. Both Shayna and he were soaked from their abdomens down to their lower thighs. So was his sleeping pad.

Calono and Shayna spent some time kissing. Shayna watching to see if he became aroused again so he could continue. She felt ready for action, her muscles bursting with energy. She straddled over Calono and said, “You can’t be done ‘already’.” She smiled, knowing that he just lasted longer than anyone else ever has with her.

Calono said, “When you climaxed, did what I think happened really happen? I’m sure I saw your muscles grow to incredible size. Did you put a hole in my floor just by slapping it too hard with you foot?”

Shayna blushed and answered “I’m sorry I broke your floor. I’ll help fix it if you want. I’m also sorry I made love with you inside hour house and got your bed all soaking wet. We should have gone into the woods to do it like everyone else does.” She paused before continuing. “You really saw what happened. You know how elves’ muscles expand when they tighten them? Mine are sort of big to begin with, and they’re lots, lots stronger than they look, so they get really big when I tighten them. See.” She flexed her biceps muscles in a double biceps pose, her muscles expanding to over twice their original size, exhibiting a great deal of definition and striations. At the same time, she tightened and expanded her chest and leg muscles. Her abdominal muscles took on the same level of definition. She then relaxed her muscles back to their normal size.

Calono asked Shayna to flex her biceps for him again and found them to be just as hard as when relaxed. She said that she finds her muscles to be firm normally, but really hard when flexed. That’s probably why they can deflect sword blows when she’s in combat and all tensed up.

Calono said “There’s no way I can make sleeves wide enough for THAT and have them look decent.” He paused as she relaxed and let her arm go back to its normal size.

“I guess I’ve just got to learn how to control myself.” Shayna said with a smile.


Shayna spent the rest of the day getting supplies for her upcoming trip. She got a new braided steel bowstring from the blacksmith, new arrows, dried fruits and herbs, etc. The next few days go by uneventfully before she met up with Morgan and Vega. They got together to the docks to board the ship that will take them far to the north.