Gold Digger Page
Here's where I'll be posting pictures that were either
drawn by me or by Chris Bayliss or were modified
by me from originals found elsewhere.

The Characters

Gina in chainmail or in a racecar outfit.
 Brianna in a skirt and in power armor.
 Britanny as she would be dressed in ancient
Egypt.  Britanny in two jumping poses.
 Britanny as a super hero.
 A dream of Seance's.

Catgirls drawn by Chris or me
 Here's a few pictures of Josie, a character I
played in a Shadowrun game.  There's a full
description of this character in the cat-girl gallery.
Here's another tiger-girl in a kung-fu pose.
This is a picture that Chris copied (drew)
from an original in Wizard magazine.
Here's a version of Roxikat that I did by
modifying a bodyform that Chris drew.
 More Roxikat drawings can be found on
John Barrett's homepage (Roxikat is his
This is my attempt to draw a Warner Brothers catgirl.
Here's a few snow leopard cat girl pictures
and a few tiger girl pictures.

Well, here's some new pictures that I haven't had time to categorize yet.
Filene, by David Ashmore
a really nice gift
Fred Perry snow leopard
another snow leopard
yet another snow leopard
new version of kittygirl, with photoshop coloring
a GREAT picture by Chris
a muscular tiger kitty-girl by Chris
a muscular, cute elf girl by Chris Be careful about clicking this one. It isn't rated G or PG.
Now here'sw a few pictures I did.
first one
second one
third one
fourth one
fifth one
mouse picture



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Here's a page for my Empire City PBEM.
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